Semi-Private Teaching Approach

Yoga Practice 瑜珈練習


Hatha Yoga 傳統瑜珈

a foundation of yoga practice. Each yoga style variation is basically from Hatha. During the session, there will be practice of Balancing, Stretching, Strengthening and Relaxation. If you would like to practise from the basic on ground, Hatha Yoga is for you. Sun Salutation will be practised in the morning class


Aerial Yoga 空中瑜珈

also called flying yoga. If you enjoy a feeling of swing, you will find it is fun with lots of variations. In the session, you will find Inversion no longer difficult with the support of the hammock which is beneficial greatly to our Body Circulation, Spine Stretching, and Core Strengthening. There are different options for Aerial Yoga lovers. 「Aerial Gentle Yoga」and 「Low Fly Aerial Yoga」 are welcome for non-experienced while 「Aerial Yoga Stretch」suits for anyone who would like to do some stretching on hammock without inversion.


Wheel Yoga 瑜珈輪

the power of Yoga Wheel, a Combination of Core strengthening, Balancing, Back (Spine) flexibility, is a recent popular prop in yoga practice. If you would like to increase a connection and flexibility on your muscle, yoga wheel will be your choice as it can help to release body tension, especially highly effective for back opening. Totally suits for beginner with the help of Yoga Wheel to enter the pose. There are two levels for Wheel Yoga, level 1 & level 2.


Restorative Yoga 靜態修復瑜珈

a tranquil and very light yoga practice with 100% comfort which is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. During the long hold of restorative yoga pose, your muscles are allowed to relax deeply. It's because props, rather than your muscles, are used to support your body. If you would like to have a relaxing yoga session, here you should try. It is especially recommended after meal or before bed


Aerial Yin Yoga 空中陰瑜珈/深層伸展瑜珈

if you feel kind of not comfotable with the height on hammock, but still like to get a slow-paced style of deep stretching with Aerial Yoga, this is for you! It aims to increase a circulation in the joints and improve flexibility during the poses stretch as it targets both the deep connective tissues between the muscles and the fascia throughout the body. As a result, in a yin yoga class, each asana is held for longer peiod of time, around 2 - 5 mins


Sun Salutation & Gentle Yoga 拜日式及溫和瑜珈

Sun Salutation is a popular sequence to warm our bodies up during the day, especially in the morning. After practising Sun Salutation, some basic yoga asanas would be introduced. Good for yoga beginner.


Slim Yoga 瘦身瑜珈

tends toward body strength building in yoga way to train our core and arm balance. It certainly focuses on muscles strengthening and cardio boosting, sweat is a must! 


Weekdays Lunch Break Yoga中午瑜珈 (逢星期一至五)

If you need a space to relax your body & mind, here is a place for you during middle of the day! Light stretching moves for office-workers, conscious breathing practice, and Savasana (Relaxation) would be introduced 


Semi-Private Yoga Class held through Monday to Sunday


Yoga on Mat (Wheel Yoga Class)

Aerial Yoga Class