Semi-Private Teaching Approach

About Founder, Liye

Born in Hong Kong. Explorer and Dreamer. Love travelling and enjoy being in Nature. Organic and Vegan pursuer. Over 12 years of Yoga Practice, Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Mysore India, Certified Aerial Yoga Teacher Training and Restorative Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, Wheel Yoga Teacher Training in Hong Kong, Kids Yoga Teacher Training in Chiang Mai Thailand. Practising Mindfulness and Movement Meditation. Diploma in Holistic Nutrition, Colour Therapy, Relaxation Therapy, Crystal Healing, Aura & Chakra Energy Healing

Liye has been practising yoga over a decade but never found such connection until 4 years ago, she started to experience different spiritual retreats in Chiang Mai Thailand and found the fulfillment from her heart and this is what she wants to pursue. By time, she finally connects with Women's Circle in Ubud Bali, and She Dance in Chiang Mai Thailand, a kind of Movement Meditation with feminine energy. It is why she after named the studio as SWCircleDance which stands for Sacred Women Circle Dance!

In deep down Liye found herself maybe lack of water properties, that's why she found herself very into Woman energy healing and Moon energy

In 2018, she completed She Dance Teacher Training in Chiang Mai Thailand where she found herself ready to facilitate Women's Circle with Movement Meditation and in same year, she came back HK with Sacred Women Circle Dance and started to organise workshops for women in HK. In order to bring NEW elements into Sacred Women Circle Dance, Liye would regularly further study or participate different courses about Body, Mind and Spirit around the World

Liye believes CREATIVITY would bring a refreshing, dynamic and favourite energy in class and workshop. Her vision is to bring Yoga into daily life as Yoga Makes Life Easier!